Modern Dating: “Enter the Spare” interview with Mumbai Mirror

By Teja Lele Desai, Mumbai Mirror with Susan Winter | Sep 17, 2013, 08.12 AM IST

In a bid to minimise unwanted heartache, young people in relationships are opting for standby lovers.

Plan A didn’t work out? There’s always Plan B. These days, it’s not workplaces that encourage a backup plan. Modern relationships do, too. Is it the inability to be decisive or the fear of not knowing how a relationship will pan out, that is behind standby […]

Parting Ways; The Natural Cycle of Life

Lovers and friends come in and out of our lives. This is a natural occurrence. Yet, upon this revelation we often feel baldly. “Why did this happen? How could they let me down? I thought we shared a love, a connection, and that we were closer.”

Emotions of loss, betrayal, invalidation and sadness are common to the parting of ways. It takes thinking through this occurrence to get to a state of peace, power and purpose.

If we’re honest with ourselves, […]

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