Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Had a ~Casual~ Fast Food Date in NYC and Now We Love Them Even More | Life & Style Weekly feature

By Melissa Copelton

We hate to sound cliché, but here goes nothing: Stars — they’re just like us! Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin stepped out in NYC this week for the most relatable date ever. The newly-engaged couple was spotted at not one, but two fast food chains in Manhattan’s Financial District.

First, the Biebs and his model lady hit up Dunkin’ Donuts (how pedestrian) for a little coffee action. Later that afternoon, they stopped at Shake Shack […]

Uh, Did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Secretly Get Married Already? The Evidence Is Pretty Convincing | Life & Style interview

By Melissa Copelton

OK, deep breaths, y’all… especially if you’re a Belieber. It appears as though Justin Bieber and his fiancée for all of 20 seconds, Hailey Baldwin, may have secretly gotten married. On July 30, the model stepped out in NYC rocking what looked like a wedding band — when just one day earlier she was still sporting her engagement ring. You can check out the ~compelling~ evidence below.  

On […]

There’s Actually a Surprising Reason Behind All of These “Overnight” Celeb Engagements (EXCLUSIVE) | Life & Style feature

Someone grab a bottle of bubbly because we’re here to celebrate not one, not two, but three major celebrity engagements in the past month! First there was Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, then Justin […]
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