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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Lame; Susan’s interview with Metro.US

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, last-minute shoppers are probably reaching for the default gifts. But before you surprise your significant other with the expected go-to presents (aka boxed chocolates and roses), consider spicing up your Valentine’s gift exchange instead.

“We rarely remember the gifts we’re given, unless it’s an engagement ring,” says relationship expert Susan Winter, adding that experiential gifts are really where it’s at. “A meaningful experience shows your partner that you’ve listened and paid attention, which shows that you care.”

When planning this […]

“Signs of a Dead-end Relationship” interview (Mumbai Mirror)

Interview with journalist Aruna Rathod

Not everyone wants their relationship to end in marriage, but if you feel you are in love limbo, read the signs.

In January this year, 27-year-old American champion swimmer and Olympian Michael Phelps ended his one-year-long affair with aspiring model and girlfriend Megan Rossee because he reportedly felt the relationship wasnt going anywhere and split to pursue other options. Ending a dead-end relationship is smart move, couple counsellors will tell you, except, […]

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