Thriving Launch | Relationship Building Skills with Susan Winter

Relationship Building Skills: Thriving Launch interviews Susan Winter on relationship building skills for today’s modern world. This  best-selling author and relationship expert talks about navigating dating and love in the modern age.



arrow-iconThe way people date and select partners has changed over the past decade.


Dating Newsflash: When Doing it “Wrong” is “Right”


In light of modern dating having “no rules,” what’s the right (and the wrong) approach to take when meeting a prospective partner? Clearly, the “wrong” approach is to use antiquated methodology. You’re not using an abacus to prepare your taxes, right?

Traditional rules of approach instruct us to reek of self-confidence and power. Women are to posture themselves as unattainable goddesses and men are to be as smooth as James Bond. When “image” substitutes for reality, no meaningful connection […]

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