Iggy Azalea’s not the only burned lover getting revenge on an ex | Moneyish feature

By Reed Alexander

“Black Widow” rapper Iggy Azalea, 27, admitted earlier this week that she torched her ex-fiance Nick Young’s clothes. “Revenge feels great in the moment, but these vicious acts of revenge have a boomerang effect,” warned relationship expert and author Susan Winter, who has witnessed many cases of breakup revenge. But it also has the boomerrang effect.

Azalea called off their engagement after the Golden State Warriors basketball star allegedly cheated on her in 2016.

“I burnt it all… I burnt a lot and I […]

Americans dish on the worst Valentine’s gifts they’ve gotten and what they really wanted | Moneyish interview

By Reed Alexander

What are the worst Valentine’s gifts? “People don’t want practical, functional gifts,” said relationship expert and author Susan Winter, who once received the strange gift of an oil change from a former lover for V-Day. “The idea of love and celebrate love is supposed to be something special, not routine.”

So—show your Valentine some love.

Nearly two in three Americans (both singles and those in relationships) will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, according to a newly-released survey carried out by consumer website Ebates. Of those, […]

Why single women are so much more content than men | Moneyish interview

By Reed Alexander

Research is showing that single women fare better than their male counterparts. Moneyish asked Susan Winter what’s behind this newfound confidence.

Men have a tougher time enjoying singledom than women do, new study shows. Single ladies are relishing their solo status.

Women are generally happier with being single than men are, according to a new study from UK research firm Mintel. When they didn’t have a partner, 61% of single women in the UK reported feeling content on their own, versus 49% […]

The insane amounts of money people are spending to get over bad breakups | Moneyish interview

By Reed Alexander

Can retail therapy heal a broken heart? Moneyish asked relationship Susan Winter for her take on excessive spending after a breakup.

Many of us nurse our broken hearts by going out, buying new clothes, and spending it up in ways we otherwise would avoid. Break-ups don’t just break your heart — they can break the bank, too.

The average relationship now only lasts about two years and nine months, according to one survey — and many people are compelled to revive themselves with a […]

How to NOT let your job sink your relationship—like Elon Musk and Amber Heard just did | Moneyish interview

By Reed Alexander

Elon Musk and Amber Heard are driving off into the sunset — just, not together. Moneyish asks Susan Winter to share tips for balancing work and romance.

After a year of dating, the Tesla CEO and actress are calling it quits on their relationship, according to Us Weekly. Sources say that their demanding work schedules are to blame.

“[Musk is] super busy and works all the time. Amber is filming [Aquaman] in Australia until October. She’s in no position to settle with him. She feels her […]

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