Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Lame; Susan’s interview with Metro.US

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, last-minute shoppers are probably reaching for the default gifts. But before you surprise your significant other with the expected go-to presents (aka boxed chocolates and roses), consider spicing up your Valentine’s gift exchange instead.

“We rarely remember the gifts we’re given, unless it’s an engagement ring,” says relationship expert Susan Winter, adding that experiential gifts are really where it’s at. “A meaningful experience shows your partner that you’ve listened and paid attention, which shows that you care.”

When planning this […]

“Signs of a Dead-end Relationship” interview (Mumbai Mirror)

Interview with journalist Aruna Rathod

Not everyone wants their relationship to end in marriage, but if you feel you are in love limbo, read the signs.

In January this year, 27-year-old American champion swimmer and Olympian Michael Phelps ended his one-year-long affair with aspiring model and girlfriend Megan Rossee because he reportedly felt the relationship wasnt going anywhere and split to pursue other options. Ending a dead-end relationship is smart move, couple counsellors will tell you, except, […]

Modern Dating: “Enter the Spare” interview with Mumbai Mirror

By Teja Lele Desai, Mumbai Mirror with Susan Winter | Sep 17, 2013, 08.12 AM IST

In a bid to minimise unwanted heartache, young people in relationships are opting for standby lovers.

Plan A didn’t work out? There’s always Plan B. These days, it’s not workplaces that encourage a backup plan. Modern relationships do, too. Is it the inability to be decisive or the fear of not knowing how a relationship will pan out, that is behind standby […]

Breaking the Rules of Friendship; COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE (UK edition) May 2012

by Charlotte Muir

When a genuine friendship turns to lust, should you follow your head or your heart?

Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen victim to the typical ‘friend crush,’ that one person, who, even though you know you shouldn’t, you can’t help but have the serious hots for. Playful flirting and late night texts, it all sounds innocent enough, but what happens when the footsie under the table gets serious and feelings start to get in the way of your friendship?

Chances are there has always been […]

The New World of Dating and Relationships

Relationships are far more complicated than in former times. Having evolved as a species, our needs eclipse those of former generations. Whether we want “the one” or “the one for now,” factors by which people traditionally dated and mated are currently in flux. Humans desire meaningful connections regardless of where we are in our lives and personal evolution. The imperative of all Life is to advance and loved ones enrich that experience. The question remains— as we advance, what form will our relationships […]

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