The Playboy Guide To End-Of-Summer Sex | feature interview

By Isabelle Kohn

Want to make the most out of the remaining days of summer sex? Playboy magazine turns to the ironically named Susan Winter for advice on how to take advantage of summer’s boosted sexuality.

We’ve just entered August, which means fall isn’t too far off, but our bodies don’t know that. As temperatures continue to rise, so do people’s sex drives. It seems people are showing more skin (they are because it’s warm out), hooking up more often and experiencing the sort of impassioned summer […]

How To Deal When Your Sex Drive Doesn’t Match Your Partner’s | Refinery29 feature


How do you deal when your sex drive doesn’t match your partner’s? Refiney 29 asks relationship expert Susan Winter for her advice on this partnership issue.

One of the biggest misconceptions people seem to have about relationships is that there’s a “right” amount of sex to be having. The truth of the matter is that, when you’re in a relationship, your sex life will probably ebb and flow depending on a lot of factors — how long you’ve been together, whether or not one partner […]

Can You Ask Your Partner To Split The Cost Of Birth Control? | Refinery29 feature


Refinery29 asks if it’s okay to split the cost of birth control with your partner? According to Susan Winter, a relationship expert in NYC, you’re well within your rights to ask a partner to help offset the costs of your birth control.

There are certain costs that are common to split in relationships: rent, cab fare, pizzas (if you’re lucky). Why isn’t birth control one of them?

It’s no secret that the burden of birth control in heterosexual relationships tends to fall […]

Experts debate if a summer fling can turn into a real relationship — but please don’t get good sex confused with love; New York Daily News


Summer loving had you a blast?

Some say relationships are a winter sport, and while there’s still a ways to go until we’re sipping on hot apple cider in sub-zero temperatures — fall is just a week away.

Many romantics are wondering if an off-again, on-again summer fling has what it takes to last.

“Summer flings can indeed be something more,” says bestselling author and love expert Susan Winter. The reason they were on and off in the summer was because they were […]

The one-year itch: 4 ways to keep the love alive | Toronto Sun interview

By Simone Paget

Forget the seven-year itch. The one-year itch might be what you really need to be worried about. According to a new study out of Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University, passion in a relationship begins to fade after the one-year mark.

The study which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior looked at 3,000 participants between the ages of 25 and 41 and asked them to rate their sex lives in order to determine when they were the most sexually satisfied. […]

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