The Two Meanings of a Breakup

Breakup can have two distinctly different meanings. They can be exactly what they are, and they can also be the opposite of what they seem to be. A breakup can mean, “I’m done here. It’s really over.” Or, it can be a plea for proof of your love. This type of breakup comes as a threat, which is saying, “I love you. You’re hurting me. I want to stay with you but I feel scared, insecure and unappreciated. Step up to the plate and prove […]

Speak Your Truth

No matter what your romantic style; long-term relationships, casual sex, or a mixture of both…make sure you’re getting your needs met by speaking your truth.

If you know you only want marriage, say so. If you only feel comfortable in a monogamous relationship with sexual exclusivity, say so. Be direct. You have nothing to lose. A serious partner won’t be put off by this approach.

Knowing what you want and stating your desire has long been held as […]

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