A Relationship Expert’s Tips to Navigate Post-Election Tension | ABC TV’s ‘The List’

By Jacqui Denker and Kristina Guerrero

Are you experiencing post-election tension? What’s the best way to handle political differences with your boss? What about colleagues and neighbors? My interview with The List TV Show details the best strategy for reducing post-election tension.

Tact and diplomacy are essential when dealing with the person who cuts your check. So is having a good working relationship with your colleagues, and one that’s hostility free. Additionally, you don’t want to create unnecessary friction with your neighbors.

Inner and outer circles have been […]

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3 New Dating Terms Inspired by the Pandemic | ABC TV The List

By: Producers Rossi Ramirez | Heidi Foglesong

Do you know the 3 newest dating terms that arisen during the Pandemic?  For example; Have you been ‘zumped?’ Or, ‘Are you in a ‘turbo relationship?’ Watch my feature interview with The List Show TV for the latest dating terms inspired by the Pandemic: #zumping #turborelationship #TheListTVShow


It’s always thrilling to be on camera. For me, it’s one fo the things I like the best about my line of work. Not only do I get to meet new producers […]

This Is It TV! | interview with Susan Winter

What a great TV interview with Cheldin Barlett Rumer of This Is It TV! We spoke of passion fused with purpose. Filmed in NYC at the Gregory Hotel, we covered the topics of older women/younger men, plus finding your contribution in life.

This Is It with Cheldin is a daily dose of lifestyle news created to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. They air  LIVE – Monday through Friday – at 10am EST – from their interactive studio in Philadelphia, Pa. This episode was shot in NYC  for their […]

Death Of The Dinner Date | CBS Evening News interview

CBS Evening News interviews Susan on the trend toward informality and away from the traditional dinner date. Is “dating” dead? Here’s reporter/producer Valerie Castro’s segment on modern dating preferences.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you’re hungry for love, you might want to reconsider looking for it over dinner.

Sharing a meal — once considered an intimate act – just might be going out of style.

“Are dinner dates dead? Yes, absolutely,” Brooklyn’s Seva Izrailova said.

A recent article in the online publication MarketWatch.com has proclaimed ‘the death of […]

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