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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Stage Of Your Relationship | The List Daily interview


Are you stressing over what type of gift to give your Valentine? My interview with @TheListDaily offers advice for each phase of your relationship. #ValentinesGifts #giftgiving #relationships #love

Nicole writes, “Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you take the holiday seriously or not, getting a gift is always a great way to show the person you’re with you’re thinking about them. But no matter if you and your main squeeze actually care about the day, relationship experts say you still need to […]

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Americans dish on the worst Valentine’s gifts they’ve gotten and what they really wanted | Moneyish interview

By Reed Alexander

What are the worst Valentine’s gifts? “People don’t want practical, functional gifts,” said relationship expert and author Susan Winter, who once received the strange gift of an oil change from a former lover for V-Day. “The idea of love and celebrate love is supposed to be something special, not routine.”

So—show your Valentine some love.

Nearly two in three Americans (both singles and those in relationships) will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, according to a newly-released survey carried out by consumer website Ebates. Of those, […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Lame; Susan’s interview with Metro.US

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, last-minute shoppers are probably reaching for the default gifts. But before you surprise your significant other with the expected go-to presents (aka boxed chocolates and roses), consider spicing up your Valentine’s gift exchange instead.

“We rarely remember the gifts we’re given, unless it’s an engagement ring,” says relationship expert Susan Winter, adding that experiential gifts are really where it’s at. “A meaningful experience shows your partner that you’ve listened and paid attention, which shows that you care.”

When planning this […]

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