My First Younger Man

It had been 20 years. I opened up my email one dark winter morning in 2011 to find a letter from my first younger man. The sight of it surprised me and also added delight. There was so much I had wanted to tell him oven the past 20 years, not knowing if I could or should. How could I tell him of his impact? Dare I tell him that he changed my life, completely? Should he know this? Would he care?? His impact was […]

Cougars; The New “King” of the Jungle

Cougars: each year fashion magazines pick a color and rename it as the ‘new black.’ Similarly, the media is now stating women are the ‘new men.’ But this economic trend isn’t a fad. It’s a concrete power shift that’s proving its continuing reality as it changes the entire social dynamic between our two genders.

Women have out-paced men in securing greater numbers of advanced college degrees. We’re out-earning our male counterparts despite a non-equal pay scale. Recent statistics herald women as the “breadwinner” in 40% of […]

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