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Men confess: 22 reasons why younger guys fall for older women | interview

Susan Winter

Update: Are you wondering why younger men fall in love with older women? This new article published in AOL shares direct quotes from the men interviewed for our international bestseller, “Older Women/Younger Men.”

At the time, this topic was highly controversial. Imagine… a younger man confesses desiring a committed relationship with an older woman. My co-author and I knew “why” because we both had younger partners. But this story needed to come directly from the men. It was their voice that […]

What Is The Rule Of 7 In Dating? | The List Daily interview


What is the ‘rule of 7’ in dating? My interview with The List Daily explains the thinking behind this century old age-gap standard (that still exists today): #LeonardoDiCaprio #agegaplove #oldermen #youngerwomen #agedifferences

Lana writes, “These days, it seems like age-gap discourse is at the top of everyone’s minds — or at the very least, every time that Leonardo DiCaprio gets a new girlfriend. And while we might not know Leonardo DiCaprio (48) or his alleged new girlfriend, Eden Polani (19), it still strikes folks the […]

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Why Are Younger Guys Attracted To Me? 21 Probable Reasons | Bonobolgy interview

Wondering why ‘younger guys attracted to me?’ A growing number of younger men feel empowered to approach and date older women. My book and research in explains this attraction: #youngermen #olderwomen #attraction

Aditi writes,”Oh, the joy of wondering, “Why are younger guys attracted to me?” Not many questions can uplift the spirits and confidence of a woman like this one.

Gone are the days when older women-younger men relationships yanked us straight […]

The Challenges of Dating a Much Younger Man | Crunchy Tales feature


Dating a much younger man? Be prepared to handle age-related differences, and negative comments from outsiders. My feature in Cruncy Tales provides a roadmap for success: #olderwomen #youngermen #interview #datingadvice

Joanna writes, “Dating in your 50s is not always that easy, especially if you are going out with someone much younger than you.

We’re not talking […]

Why It’s Time to Stop Judging Women Who Date Younger Men | interview

By Alaina Mancini

Why do we STILL judge women harshly who date younger men? Why is it so hard to believe that older women are worthy and desirable? My interview with explains this double standard hangover. #olderwomen #youngermen #agegaplove

Alaina writes,

“Do you bat an eye when the roles are reversed?”

“Over the last decade, we’ve made monumental, even historic, strides toward celebrating relationships in all different shapes and forms: Gay marriage is legal, dating apps now offer options for non-monogamous or

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