There’s a marked difference between loving someone and falling in love with a person. My feature interview with @bozije explains: #inlove #love #relationshipexpert #feature

Books, movies, TV series, music, poems, almost anything you can think of, focuses mostly on one theme: love. So what is this love? This isn’t a question to be answered simply. Everyone has their own definition, a different explanation. For example, is there love at first sight? Who knows? Love is such a unique and powerful emotion.

It is an indisputable fact that loving and falling in love are different things, although they have similar aspects. A relationship expert tried to explain it as best he could.

Let’s read.

What was love?



It’s an undisputed fact that you can love someone without falling in love with them. Your feelings may or may not change over time. A relationship expert was asked some questions about this topic.

Quite a mystery


Susan Winter is a relationship expert and bestselling author. She also provides relationship coaching to individuals. She was asked the difference between loving someone and falling in love. She shared her thoughts too.

the science behind


“It’s easy to ‘love’ someone,” says Winter. “We overuse the word ‘love’. Just like we use the word ‘friend’ too much. The word is so diluted that we tell everyone we get some electricity from that we love them.”

conditional love


“The average feeling of like and attraction we feel for someone is conditional. At first we may love to spend time with our partner, this will pass in a few weeks. What happened? All that interaction is over. Because we weren’t in love.”

Falling in love: the rules


“It takes time to truly fall in love with someone. While loving someone is possible from the very beginning of the relationship, it is most likely because of lust. To feel true, unconditional love for someone, you have to experience the good and the bad together.”

Love or lust?


“Love is when you choose to stay in a relationship despite knowing your partner’s bad sides and going through stormy weather. Love is unconditional. It is to accept it with the good and the bad.”

love over time


“Of course, you can love someone more as time goes on. If you love your partner but don’t feel like you’re in love with them, it doesn’t have to mean that your chemistry just doesn’t match. Maybe you just need a little more time.”

love’s gaze


“True love needs time to take root. It is certainly possible for you to develop deeper feelings for your partner over time. As you get to know him better and learn about his strengths and weaknesses, you may even fall madly in love.”

when you get it


“Love is a complex concept. So don’t worry too much about the definition. When you truly fall in love with someone, you will definitely understand it.”

What about love at first sight?


Susan thinks it’s lust. So what is called love at first sight is actually much more likely to be lust at first sight.