Hey Baltimore! Loved my interview with WBAL, The Dan Joseph Show. We spoke about the headtrip Valentine’s Day can cause, and the underlying messages that make everyone feel a little less than wonderful. Tune into WBAL News Radio 1090AM, or 101.5FM.

Dan Joseph is a journalist and commentator. His videos have been featured on The O’reilly Factor, Fox & Friends, Hannity, The Blaze, The Rush Limbaugh radio show, The Drudge Report and other widely viewed Internet blogs and news sites. Dan’s a regular guest on One News America’s Rick Amato Show.

Dan is also a published author, journalist, blogger and lifelong conservative activist dedicated to bringing members of Generation Y back into the conservative movement.

Specialties: One of nation’s preeminent authorities on the political history of Generation Y and how young people view politics.

Dan’s social media:

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