Physical chemistry is great, but it’s the intellectual chemistry that keeps the spark alive. My interview in Glam Magazine explains how intellectual excitement enables your love to continue growing. #intellectualchemistry #growthmindset

Amanda writes, “When we talk about relationships and chemistry, we often jump to sexual chemistry. But while physical chemistry is definitely important, it’s not the only chemistry that makes for a great relationship. There’s also emotional and mental chemistry, spiritual chemistry, creative chemistry, and intellectual chemistry (via Bonobology). If your relationship has all those components, then you indeed have the whole enchilada and then some.

Although all the chemistries are essential to a relationship, intellectual chemistry is something that should be high up on your list of must-haves with a partner. If you can’t have conversations that challenge or intrigue you, then what do you have? Great sex? Sure, but great sex ebbs and flows in a relationship. Intellectual chemistry doesn’t.

Even if you don’t realize the importance of intellectual chemistry early on in a relationship when things are hot and heavy, once the lust stage of falling in love wears off and you’re in the attachment stage, you’ll understand just how far a great conversation goes.

Your conversations just flow

“There’s an innate sense of ease and intellectual dimension,” relationship expert Susan Winter tells Elite Daily. “You find you no longer have to keep your conversation harnessed to specific subjects. Intellectual chemistry can be improved if both partners have a keen interest in the same topic or area of discipline.”

Also, as much as we hear about sapiosexuals and their attraction to people’s brains more than anything else, you don’t have to be a sapiosexual to value intellectual chemistry in your relationship.

You feel challenged

“Your conversations [with your partner] are enlightening and stimulating,” Susan Winter continues. “It’s exciting to be intellectually challenged while having fun.”

In a relationship, it shouldn’t just be your sexual organs that are stimulated but your brain too. Intellection chemistry leads to intellectual intimacy, making you and your partner even closer on all levels (via MasterClass). It’s important to keep the spark alive in a partnership by having meaningful, insightful talks on a regular basis.


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