What are the best questions to ask on a first date (and not sound boring or cliché?) My interview with Yahoo.news gives you novel topics and fresh new questions to create a dynamic conversation. #firstdates #firstdatequestions

By Chelsea Ritschel

Chelsea writes, “While some individuals have mastered the art of the first date, for many of us, the meetings are frequently fraught with sweaty palms, nervousness and stilted conversation.

Fortunately, according to relationship experts, there are some tried and true methods for ensuring that a first date conversation goes smoothly, regardless of whether you feel a spark or ultimately decide to end the date as friends.

To find out what topics to discuss and what questions to ask on a first date, we spoke to relationship expert and best-selling author Susan Winter and Relationship Hero coach Shoya Arriana, who shared their advice for increasing chances of scintillating conversations and connections.

According to Winter, one of the most important things to remember with first dates is that they should be about having fun and getting to know an individual in a “light-hearted manner,” which means that at no point should it feel as if you, or your date, are on a job interview.

However, she also notes that the type of first date you have will depend on what you are looking for, whether it be a relationship or something more casual.

For those who are looking for a partner they can get serious with, a category of individuals she describes as “intentional daters,” Winter first advises not bothering with suitors who are not looking for the same, noting: “Intentional daters shouldn’t waste time on window shoppers.”

Arriana reiterated the sentiment, telling us: “You should assess whether or not this person has the same dating goals you have, and should not walk away from that date not knowing whether or not they’re dating casually – as in just looking to meet people and have a good time, or dating intentionally – as in they’re interested in finding someone to build something with.

“Even if you feel like you and someone had amazing chemistry, if their goals conflict with your own? You risk wasting your time and getting hurt unnecessarily.”

Once you have confirmed that a date is looking for the same thing, Winter suggests spending a first meeting gauging such things as the person’s disposition, as well as how you feel in their presence.

“Gauge the person’s disposition by observing their warmth and openness, while also observing how you feel in their presence,” she said, adding that topics helpful for this purpose can be hobbies, traveling, work, pets, music, or anything that provides an “initial connection”.”

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