Why would someone partnered want to take a trip alone? My feature with InsideHook reveals the surprising relationship benefits within a purposeful ‘time alone’ journey. #solotrips #couples #metime

Lindsay writes, “One morning a few weeks back, our CEO announced that he was taking a much-needed vacation. He’d booked accommodations in Montreal and planned to rid himself, however briefly, of his day-to-day responsibilities. The kicker? He was leaving his wife and kid at home and going on this trip alone.

The news, as one would expect, was met with mixed reviews. I, the company’s resident vacation advocate, applauded his decision. Others expressed various levels of confusion and maybe even some thinly veiled jealousy: “You’re traveling alone? Without your wife?”

But the truth is that there’s never been a better or more necessary time to build some alone time into your calendar. For the overwhelming majority of people who live with their significant others, the past 18 months have been a bold experiment in cohabitation. The average couple had experienced the equivalent of four extra years of together-time during the pandemic.