By Fabiosa

What is the perfect age difference between partners? Is it unnatural to meet men and women much older or younger? It is assumed that peers have more in common: worldview, career, personal aspirations, and interests. Nevertheless, many happy couples can argue that age is just a number.

Susan Winter is a renowned relationship expert and an all-around beautiful woman. One glance at her is enough to understand: she looks much younger her real age, and she’s already over 60. This isn’t her only unique feature: she has had never dated a man older than 41. Moreover, they were all much younger than her.

She was planning her life just like everyone else. She was about 20 when she started dating her peer, but 10 years of relationship ended in a break: he was a wonderful man, but not her kind of a partner.

In 1991, Susan was slightly over 30, and she worked in the sphere of events planning. The girl met a 22-year-old relative of one of her clients, with whom she began a romantic relationship. Winter intuitively understood that society doesn’t justify such bonds, but she finally felt alive for the first time in many years, like a teenager in love. The pressure from the family of the young man did its job: the couple broke up. After that, Susan tried to date men of her age but realized that they aren’t interesting to her.

Winter has always led an active lifestyle but has never looked for young guys intentionally. They found her themselves: she’s a daring, freedom-loving, and gorgeous woman, looking much younger her age. By 50, she was sure she looked no more than 20. Perhaps it was difficult for men to guess her real age?

Susan noted that young partners are capable of a greater emotional experience than her peers burdened with past problems. Guys have been interested in her for two reasons: she seems wise and doesn’t press them, allowing them to become independent gradually. Moreover, the woman doesn’t rush them to achieve high social or financial status.

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