By Gabbi Shaw

The Bachelor’s famed on-camera break-up of Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin to Demi Burnett coming out to Derek Peth as bisexual on “Bachelor in Paradise,” Yahoo News asks for my thoughts on ‘what is healthy?’ #ABC #TheBachelor
  • Over the last 19 years, there’s been no shortage of memorable moments on “The Bachelor.”
  • We asked five relationship experts to react to the most famous moments in the show’s recent history.
  • They unanimously commended Derek’s mature response to Demi coming out as bisexual on “BiP.”

Gabbi writes, “When “The Bachelor” first premiered in 2002, it would’ve been impossible to predict the impact the franchise would come to have on both the television landscape and its loyal fans, Bachelor Nation. Over 25 seasons of “The Bachelor” and 16 seasons of “The Bachelorette” later (plus various spin-offs), it’s worth asking the question – what can we learn from the show’s depiction of relationships?

We asked five relationship experts, Jessica Dubron, Monica O’Neal, Rachel DeAlto, Jaime Bronstein, and Susan Winter, to react to five of the most well-known moments (both controversial and heartwarming) in the show’s recent history.

They shared their thoughts about the on-camera break-up of Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin during “The Bachelor,” and Demi Burnett coming out to Derek Peth as bisexual on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Any “Bachelor” fan remembers watching this break-up for the first time during “After the Final Rose.” Arie told the cameras that he had decided to end his engagement to Becca and pursue things with his runner-up, Lauren B. (whom he later married). Viewers watched as Arie broke the news to Becca, who appeared more blindsided than anything else. She begged to be left alone — but Arie wouldn’t leave.

Susan Winter, a relationship expert and author, noted how Arie realized that “logic and heart don’t always match up,” which applies in real life as well.


Arie and Becca. ABC

Breaking off an engagement is never easy. But the greater torment would lie in committing to a partner you know isn’t your true love,” Winter said. “This is a hard choice in the short term, but healthy in the long run.”

She said that in this situation, being honest about your change of heart “must be done clearly, thoughtfully, and decisively.”

Winter called Arie’s acknowledgment of his feelings for Lauren “a healthy first step in taking responsibility,” and said she could see him realizing “that logic (Becca) and heart (Lauren) don’t always match up.”

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