Most people who’re actively dating focus on asking themselves, “What does he/she want?” The question is a waste of time and energy. The question that should be asked is, “What do I want?”

How many times have you listened to a friend ramble on and on about, “What did he/she mean by that? What do you think he/she wants?” As confident, self possessed individuals, the only thing you need to determine is what you want from your partner. Once that’s clearly established, proceed honestly in your language, actions and behavior.

We no longer need to convince men and women to lead with their hearts. We’re free to choose whomever we desire. We no longer need to explain the reasons why we should give ourselves permission to think outside of the box. We’re already living outside the box. Fully expressed, today’s society enjoys perks that former generations couldn’t begin to imagine.

As a relationship expert dedicated to empowering women and men of every age, and in every walk of life, this is a marvelous time in human history. We’ve never had more choices for love and romance. Standing hand and hand with an ever expanding group of consciously aware individuals by our side, today’s modern society can experience true pride and confidence in the totality of their worth and rejoice in its many manifestations.

The only thing we need to ask, is “What do we want now?” And, how do we want it to look, and feel? No longer living life from a template of restricted designs, we can do it our way. We can design the type of relationships we desire. We have the right to ask for what we truly desire. We have the courage to create what we want. And the ability to live our romantic desires, whatever they may be.

If you find yourself musing over the archaic question, “What does he/she want?”… I suggest you shift your inquiry to that which is in your control. Ask instead, what is it that you want? In doing so, you will experience the core of true empowerment.