How do you handle it when your friends are jealous of your relationship? My interview with Insider gives you some tips to manage their behavior. Kelsie writes: Actor, bodybuilder, and former professional football player Terry Crews recently spoke about how his friends encouraged him to join the single life when he and his wife were at a low point in their marriage, and he put it down to jealousy. “There are certain people in my life who are always jealous of our relationship who may have not realized it,” Crews told Page Six. Jealousy is not always as obvious as Crews described. You may simply sense some other things, like passive aggression or canceling plans.

What a jealous friend may look like

In extreme cases, a jealous friend may try to break up your relationship, Susan Winter, a relationship expert, said.

If you sense that your friend has an issue with your partner, think ahead before you vent. Do you think they will use this information against you or your partner?

In general, Winter says she advises people not to take friends’ advice when it comes to relationship obstacles.

Friends tend to be overprotective anyway — whether they are jealous or not. If they are jealous, they may over-exaggerate this one isolated conflict as a broader sign of trouble.

Reevaluate your friendship if a friend tries to sabotage your relationship 

An extreme example of jealousy is when your friend tries to interfere with your relationship. “If they’re meddling and trying to break you up, they’re dangerous and not a real friend. In that case, you need to reassess your friendship,” Winter said.