What to do when your partner doesn’t make you a priority? My feature video in the Interview Area shows you how to change this dynamic.

Neglected and compartmentalized? Yearning for your partner’s full attention (and affection)? Here’s what to do when your partner doesn’t make you a priority.

Putting your partner first means his or her needs, feelings, and well-being take priority over other people or things. A “sense of we” forms as you maintain this priority on purpose each day. You protect your relationship from being destroyed or damaged. You tend to your connection so it feels good to you both.

What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn’t Make You A Priority

  • Ask, ‘What Does Being A Priority Mean To You?’.
  • Find Out Where His/Her Commitment Lies.
  • Talk To Him/Her About It.
  • Try To See Things From Their Standpoint.
  • Help Him/Her Understand Why This Matters To You.

Is it OK to not be your partner’s priority?

Life can get in the way of your relationship from time to time. It may seem like you’re being unfair by expecting to be a priority. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be your partner’s number one. So don’t be afraid to bring it up.

What to do when you don’t feel prioritized?

What To Do If You’re Always An Option But Never A Priority

  • Make yourself and your needs a priority.
  • Recognize the users in your life, even if they are family.
  • List the value of you.
  • Invest yourself in a worthy cause.
  • Don’t turn back!
  • Believe that better people and better things are just ahead!

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