Although this form of relationship has been around for centuries, normally the only people able to get away with it were Queens, famous artists, or celebrities. Now, it’s your next door neighbor, your plumber’s Mother, your friend’s sister, and possibly you as well. And, it’s the countless others you don’t hear about, dispersed throughout cities and countries worldwide. They aren’t famous. They aren’t gorgeous. No longer confined to icons such as Demi Moore, Madonna or Bo Derek, everyday women are engaged in this new archetype, as it progressively gains mass acceptance.

Younger men are only one aspect of a new realm of female empowerment. They’re just the tip of the iceberg. Females of all ages are breaking barriers as they enjoy a greater participation in all the world has to offer. As women continue to see themselves as powerful, deserving, and worthy, more changes will occur in their choice of personal expression.

True freedom is an internal liberation. For an older woman to see herself as vibrant and living life fully, she is on the cusp of a new reality. Similar to challenging the right to vote at the turn of the last century or breaking the corporate glass ceiling in the 1980’s, women continue to defy any form of restriction that separates them from the life they want to live. When a woman knows her true value, she no longer feels shoved aside as worthless, once the honor of laugh lines appear. Not in business, creativity, or love.

Who are these ladies? They are are women everywhere, of every age, who have expanded their concept of what is attainable, what they deserve, and what they want.