Why are so many celebrity couples breaking up? My feature with Life&Style shares why “the season” for breakups is right before the holidays. #celebritybreakups #ElonMusk #ShawnMendes #CamilaCabello #ScottDisick

Journalist Laura Rizzo writes, “Why are so many breaking up? Relationship expert reveals to Life & Style why it seems to be “the season” of right before the holidays. 

“The holidays evoke warm thoughts of family togetherness,” the author explains, noting the large influx of breakups isn’t “unique” to this year. “If the years and months preceding this holiday season have been filled with bitterness, resentment and rancor, then the contrast feels even more extreme.”

From and to alums and , stars and and , it seems as though so many famous duos have called it quits in recent weeks. 

The NYC relationship expert adds that the holidays are “known to be stressful” and many people can have “unrealistic expectations” this time of year. “We’re accustomed to the warm and fuzzy Hallmark movies of happy, loving families sharing the holidays,” says Susan. “Families that don’t meet that standard are prone to feelings of increased sadness and depression.”

That being said, already rocky romances can become even harder to maintain. “Nothing is more uncomfortable than ‘faking it’ through the holidays,” admits the expert. “Why suffer the false front and forced smiles of a loving partnership when that’s not the case?”

Moreover, stars with particularly busy work schedules can cause even more strain in their romantic relationships. “Work commitments often separate celebrities from their families during the holidays,” says Susan. 

She adds that “repeated absence” can “negatively impact the family,” warning that the distance between partners can be “hard to close in later years.”

Some couples, like and and , have but continue to coparent their shared children. 

While Susan admits breaking up is a “harder choice” when the couple has kids together, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stick things out.

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