Listen to this fantastic radio interview with host Michael Cohen of WILS radio, Capital Cities Recap. We discuss the growing trend in remarriages (those who’ve been married and marry again) leaning toward younger mates.

None of us are surprised that older men choose to remarry sporting a trophy wife a decade or two younger. But, how do we look at the statistics that indicate older women who remarry are increasingly choosing younger spouses? And, younger men who are marrying are also choosing older female mates?

  • Why do age-varied relationships work so well?
  • Why are younger men choosing older women as their spouses?
  • Why are older women flocking to younger men when choosing a husband?

It’s not an oddity to me. But here in this podcast you’ll find the reasons behind this growing trend. It’s not only growing but an indicator of future choices made upon content and emotional compatibility.

Michael Cohen and I discuss the Pew Research Data that’s recently been sparking these insights:

When it comes to the second (or third time) at marriage, the choice is gaining for a younger mate.

Listen here for our interview: