Wondering what’s up with your partner? Not sure if they’re in or out? The Dating Games Guide has the answers to mixed messages, confusing behavior, vague responses, and mind games.

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The Dating Games Guide is for you if:

  • You don’t know where you stand with your date (and afraid to ask)?
  • You’re exhausted from continually wondering, “What’s happening?”
  • You’re confused by your partner’s hot and cold behavior?
  • You find yourself swept up by a passion that’s clearly out of your control?
  • You’re feeling insecure by your partner’s sudden pulling away?

The Dating Games Guide is like having me in your back pocket, decoding each move on the gameboard. You’ll learn the definition of the game that’s being played as well as the moves to counter the specific form bad behavior you’re experiencing. The Dating Games Guide is your ally in regaining your confidence and personal power while finding love and happiness.

About this bundle

 The Dating Games Guide bundle contains 4 sections: ‘Seduction Techniques,’ ‘Tips, Terms, and Traps,’ ‘Hot and Cold,’ and the ‘Community Guide.’

  • ‘Seduction Techniques’ breaks down the game of rocking you off balance; from lovebombing to future faking, this guide gives you the tools you regain your clarity and proactively choose the pace and type of relationship you want to create.
  • ‘Terms, Trick, and Traps’ defines the dating game being played and shows you how to counter your partner’s moves to create a balanced, healthy relationship dynamic.
  • ‘Hot and Cold’ explains the manipulation technique of flooding you with attention and then withdrawing that attention for control. You’ll learn how to anticipate each move and counter with effective supremacy.
  • ‘Community Guide’ is a fabulous resource that’s only offered with the Bundle package. You’ll be connected to a community of like-minded individuals who follow my work and are dealing with the same dating issues as yourself. This is a great place to share your tips and experiences with each other.

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