By Alexandria Maria Santos

You had an amazing first date; attraction, chemistry, excitement, and comfort. Just when you feel like you finally hit the jackpot, they slowly pull away. Here’s what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Journalist Alexandria Maria Santos writes,

“Welcome to the new era where people think life is a Hollywood movie and where your feelings aren’t that important. They may ghost you. They may pull away or slow fade from your life without giving you a proper reason after the first date. Yes, they texted you a lot and promised a lot of things, but now you are feeling the vacuum of their presence and wondering what went wrong. My dears, nothing went wrong. If you weren’t a doormat or a pushy individual, don’t blame or beat yourself.

Remember that people can easily change their minds, maybe they want and have other options to explore, but if you are ready to establish a long-term relationship. Please, let them go! Let them vanish or fade away from your life and continue your journey with your eyes on the ones who are still finding love.

Educate yourself for love, forget games, forget love coaches that teach you childish and unnecessary games. We don’t need more confusion. We need people who are real about themselves, not actors or actresses who want to perform a sophisticated role to receive applauds and society validation.

You had an amazing first date with someone, and now they are gone? Save that memory inside your heart, and remember, you are alive!

Today I want to share with you one of the recent Susan Winter
videos, where she explains to you how you should handle with respect these moments/experiences.”

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