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Older Women With Younger Men | Thrive Global feature


We are no longer talking about Cougars or the Mrs Robinson Syndrome here. Something much more fundamental has been taking place in the last decade or so, where we are increasingly seeing more younger men finding long term relationships with older women. Why is that? Is it a Western thing? A societal thing? A generational paradigm thing?

I discuss this phenomenon in my latest podcast episode after recently seeing a newspaper article featuring Kate Beckinsale (45) with her new man, Pete […]

5 Ways to Keep Social Media From Destroying Your Relationship | Thrive Global interview

By Stephanie Fairyington

For the first three months of my relationship, my now-spouse Sabrina and I refrained from “friending” each other on Facebook to avoid the inevitable compulsion to sleuththrough each other’s old posts, photos, friends and lovers. The seminal stages of loveare fragile — full of doubts, uncertainties and projections. Why rock that unsteady foundation, we agreed.

But, eventually, we took the plunge. The moment I clicked “connect,” I knew it could be the beginning of our demise. As a reporter with an insatiable curiosity (and to be […]

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