There is a long-held awareness as to the tantalizing sex older women share with younger men. Its intrigue dates back to the origins of recorded social history. Wealthy families routinely brought their young males heir to brothels, to enable these youths to discover the delights of sex with professionally experienced older women. Younger men have long been initiated into the pleasures of sex through the aid of older women. This rite of passage served as an introduction to the many joys sex has to offer. For centuries to come, younger men continued to find their way into the arms of older women— either by parental compliance or choice. What is it about this unique coupling that makes the sexual experience so potent? Is it the older women? The younger men? Or both? And why does it still carry the lure of intrigue mixed with the taunt of guilty pleasure? The answer lies in the combined qualities of both the younger man, and older woman.

Younger men carry with their youthfulness a sense of heightened curiosity. The whole world is new, and ready to be explored. Younger men possess an open energy, combined with the desire to touch, taste and feel everything life has to offer. When curiosity eclipses fear, the unfolding of unbridled interest takes flight. Sex in this way, becomes a totally new adventure. It is an experience of discovery. The younger man is ready to explore all that this version of expression has to offer.

As women mature, they continually release the constraints applied by social sanctions. Women learn the process, of “unlearning.” As women evolve toward becoming their own person, they can more fully enjoy the complete scope of their sexual expression. They release the need to hold back. They no longer edit themselves. They learn to allow pleasure to exist, and learn to allow joy inherent in sexual communication. Sex is just another form of communication, exhibited through the physical realm. When combined with added life perspective and the ability to love, older women add components younger women have yet to attain. It isn’t that younger women can’t or don’t have these abilities. It’s just that time adds the benefit of insight and knowledge. This is where the aging process brings some very good things to light. While “aging” is viewed the inevitable loss of youth and beauty, what is gained in wisdom can never be eroded.

Place these two people together— one free to discover and the other free to express, and the resultant powerful chemistry occurs. A template for unbridled passion has just been unleashed, as this foundation pairs the combination of discovery with expression. Is the sex truly hot between older women and younger men? Of course. And if you’ve been drawn to this website, you may well know this fact from personal experience.