So, you want love. But right now you’re single. What’s the best way to activate love? Enjoy being single. Do it today. Do it now.

Many single’s feel uncomfortable in the “in between” times while waiting loves entry. The tendency its to equate “being single” with waiting for happiness. Wrong move. It’s the waiting that slows down the forward movement toward gaining partnership.

We all need to rethink the “single phase.” Single doesn’t mean incomplete. Single doesn’t mean one is faulty or missing out on life. Often, singles adopt a mental “holding pattern” that keeps them from enjoying the life they have. This is the surest way to repel anyone who may be interested.

There’s nothing wrong with being single and enjoying the experience. Why waste one precious moment of life fretting over the “when” or “how” love will materialize in our future?

Life is an ongoing continuum of cycles. Each phase has its merits and benefits. Embracing where we are now is the quickest method of jump-starting a new cycle. If its partnership you want, embrace your time of being single. Enjoy it.

The most attractive quality a person can have is confidence. Part of that confidence is not only in oneself, but a confidence in the flow of Life. To live life fully while in expectant anticipation of partnership is the key to attracting the “other” we seek.

Partnership is the merging of two souls. When we finally meet that special person we’ll be adding them to a life we already have. But first, we need to have a life. Then, the partner is simply a welcome addition to a complete existence.

Being single needn’t be a death sentence of waiting for someone to import a life to “save us.”

It’s a natural phase of every human’s life journey. At some point all of us will be single. Looking at this time period as having merit in and of itself is the cure to this social misconstruct. The point is to embrace Life, and embrace the many phases of our life.

There are perks that come with being single.

We have the ability to focus solely upon ourselves. We have no one to report to, and the freedom to live without compromise.  Our time is our own. We can go out with our friends or luxuriate in a movie (we like) at home.

We have the rare opportunity to explore what we want, when we want and without constraint. It’s a rich and beautiful experience… if we allow it to be. The more we add to our lives in this period, the more we have to offer when partnership arrives.