The unfolding awareness that “age is just a number” is beginning to sink into our cultural mindset.

Real liberation is when every woman sees age as merely a marker. You know, the kind of stuff one must include on a driver’s license or legal documents… such as; street address, social security number, etc. It’s just a tool to code, classify and organize information.

Age is, in actuality, only a marker. It denotes the number of years we’ve spent on this earth. As the understanding of our human value becomes clearer we recognize that age is not a measure of our worth, or lack thereof.

As today’s women fully participate in life’s limitless choices, the “age cage” is declining in relevance. There’s a palpable shift from fear to freedom, from embarrassment to pride, and from shame to celebration.

Articles in women’s magazines proudly claim that 40 is the new 30. In generations to come, will the math again change to accommodate our evolution? Will 50 become the new 30? Certainly, mature women hope so.

Could it be that one day we’ll all be able (without pause), to proudly state our true age? It’s the final frontier of our liberation; to release the connection between a woman’s age and her worth. When we can finally state our age, out loud and for all to hear, we’ve set ourselves free.

Next time you’re out somewhere and the question of age comes up… will you stand up for what you know to be true? Will you state your real age? If you can do this, congratulations. You’re free.

The only one who can set you free, is yourself. Each time you proudly speak up, you free other women. When you finally know that age is only a number, know also, you now love yourself completely.