Guys, does Valentine’s Day have you paralyzed? My interview with Pod Cast Idiots gives you solid information to set you right for this day of romance.

The guys (and Stacey) are joined by relationship expert Susan Winter. Susan helps us out with relationship advice and provides some tips to keep us on track for Valentine’s day. In addition, we cover some news headlines, Uber Stories, agree on a Netflix show to review for our next show and close out with Trivia Time. Enjoy.

After years working together, Bob, Kevin and Steve, self proclaimed “idiots” (Bob doesn’t really think so about himself) decided to take their workplace banter to a podcast. They just think their topics of conversation are so funny and interesting. From discussions about our GREAT president Donald J. Trump (shut up Bob) to Meghan Markle’s bedtime, these three idiots take time out to chat about anything, everything, and nothing at the same time. We simply go where the tangent winds take us because people like hearing about people losing weight. Will our listener’s enjoy our recorded conversations? We don’t care, we’re having fun. The only question at the end of each episode is who’s today’s BIGGEST IDIOT! YOU DECIDE.