Pandemic Dating with Susan Winter; How has the pandemic changed our approach to dating and mindset toward partnership? This podcast episode with the ExExperts explores this topic. #ExExperts #pandemicdating 

About the ExExperts:

We are two best friends, who got divorced at the exact same time…and although we had completely different experiences, we were lucky enough to have each other through it all.

Rising from the lack of resources, support and information during our separate journeys, along with the desire to help others maneuver through the process, we created the ExExperts online community. We are your reality-check! We are an honest, encouraging and positive space for everyone in any stage of divorce. There isn’t a right way to divorce, but the ExExperts can help you find your way.

The ExExperts provides reliable, no-nonsense professional resources to help guide you through your divorce. As soon as the thought of uncoupling causes a tear (or twinkle) in your eye, right up until the pen hits the divorce papers and beyond, our community provides instant access to critical information when you need it most. It’s simple to navigate, easy to understand, and written especially for you by us, the exExperts!

Sometimes what you need most is not advice, it’s just an ear, a shoulder and a hug — and we’re here for that too (even virtually)! We guide you through the messy parts, hold your hand for the scary parts, and help you honor your personal growth and moments of strength — we call those the, you absolutely crushing it parts. We’ve been there, done that, and promise you that you’re not doing this alone.

At the end of the day, exExperts is here to remind you of the moments that are cause for celebration, and join you in saying cheers to YOU!