Join me on February 25th for my interactive communication workshop to learn the skills of saying what needs to be said. Hosted by WINSummit (Women In Negotiation), I’ll be giving an hour long live video presentation to address your questions and concerns in romantic communication.

Effective communication is absolutely essential for creating and maintaining a healthy partnership. Far too often couples have poor communication skills which result in misunderstandings and erroneous assumptions. Unnecessary arguments ensue, feelings are hurt, and the issues that need correction remain unresolved.

This interactive workshop highlights my methodology for speaking up in a manner that’s both diplomatic and empowering.


I’m excited to interact with you, answer your questions, and get a dialogue that opens new pathways of undersatnding between you and your mate.  You’ll gain strategic communication tools that offer your partner an opportunity to problem-solve with you, which shifts the dynamic from adversary to that of willing teammate.

If you’ve been afraid to speak your truth for fear of how it will affect your partner and your relationship, this workshop is for you.

  • Is your default to go ‘mute’ in order to be nice?
  • Are you called ‘difficult’ because you draw attention to the problem at hand?
  • Do you assume your partner ‘should’ know what’s wrong if they love you?

These are all common defaults that can be easily corrected.

Join me for this lively and informative Q&A workshop on the best techniques to say what needs to be said with finesse and confidence. Bring your questions andshare your insight.

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