Think you’re too picky when it comes to finding love? Maybe not. Watch my interview with @SayAllo to distinguish between high value expectations and unrealistic demands: #picky #partnerselection

Here’s the clip of the interview I did with Seline Shenoy, Director of Relationship Intelligence and Content Editor at Say Allo.

Seline writes:

“If you’ve recently noticed that you rarely swipe right on dating apps because no one is popping out at you, and you find yourself saying “no thanks,” you might be blaming one of two things: a lackluster dating pool or your unrealistic standards.

You’re probably worn out from dodging players courting you with their monosyllabic greetings of “hey” or “wassup, hot stuff?” and the immature frat boys or sorority sisters who refuse to treat you like the gentleman or lady that you are. A bad swiping spell will make you question whether your picky ways are to blame for the lack of a love life.

Where do we draw the line in our selection process?

According to love and relationship expert Susan Winter, we all have the right to be selective when choosing a mate but we do have to know when those standards are working against us. During the interview Susan provides her expert insight into the “am I too picky” quandary.

In this interview, you’ll find out:

  • The difference between being picky, having standards and settling.

  • Whether being picky decreases or increases your chances of finding “the one.”

  • Why knowing your worth and what you have to offer as a partner is essential.

  • How to develop a balanced approach to picking your dates.”

Click here for the complete article:

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