By Griffn Wynne

Ghosted… and tempted to lash out? That’s one option. If you feel you need to call them out, here are some witty responses to ghosting from my interview with Bustle. #ghosted

Griffin Wynne writes, “It takes a specific kind of person to ghost someone in the middle of a global pandemic — but rest assured, they exist. When a date’s playing it hot and cold or you haven’t heard from your crush in weeks, these witty responses to ghosting will help you clear the air and your mind.

While quarantine may not stop people from ghosting, time inside has given daters a chance to stop getting caught in texting games and shoddy communication. According to a 2020 Hinge survey, more than half of Hinge users said they’ve stopped chasing after people who aren’t interested in them since March. In other words, when they get the sense that their date is about to ghost, they lose their number and cue up, “thank u, next.”

For Susan Winter, relationship expert and bestselling author, gracefully leaving a ghoster is the quickest and easiest way out. “It’s your ego that wants to lash out,” Winter tells Bustle. “Accept the facts for what they are, and be grateful you’re not being strung along or played.”

The lack of social gatherings doesn’t have to mean a lack of social graces. Here are 20 funny (but fierce) ways to respond to a ghoster.

1.Maybe I gave you the impression that I’m OK with not talking for weeks. I’m so sorry for the confusion, but I’m not at all OK with that, and I don’t see this working out.

I’m so sorry I expected you to acknowledge my existence after hanging out?

2. Should I wait to hear your excuse for why you’ve been MIA or should I just delete your number?

Why not both?

3. I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to circle back, per our last message exchange.

If corporate email language won’t do it, nothing will.

4. Hey! It seems you’re at capacity in your personal life right now and can’t hold the appropriate space for me or our relationship. I want to validate where you are while also drawing a healthy boundary. Please don’t reach out again. Thanks!

Or try speaking like a yoga teacher.

5. It seems like you’re phone’s been dead for two and a half weeks. Let me know if you need to borrow my charger.

I will need it back.

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