What’s the truth about ‘friends with benefits’ and other situationships? Host Scot McKay and I discuss the reality (and viability) of these types of romantic models.


Everyone is familiar with the term. But what exactly IS a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship?
Who gets into relationships like that, and what can be expected from it?

And how is it different than having a ‘sex buddy’? Is it about whether I’m willing to be seen in public with her or not…or introduce her to my friends?

As you can see, this is a sticky topic right from the get-go. Well, my long-time friend and fellow dating coach Susan Winter is never shy about tackling even the friskiest subjects, so I invited her back to the show for this fun-filled discussion.

For starters, what REALLY causes two people to forge a FWB arrangement? How accurate is the movie portrayal of FWB in the eponymously-named movie with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis? What other interesting revelations can be arrived at from watching that film?

And when FWB relationships happen in real life, is there really any chance that deeper feelings won’t develop? How is it that one-night stands can often be drama-free, but FWB arrangements almost never are? Is it that woman are intentionally trying to trap us into a more serious relationship? Or have women actually learned how to have and enjoy ‘no strings’ sex early on in our present day sexual economy?

What are the ramifications of all of this as far as ‘sex buddy’ partnerships go? Do they tend to evolve into FWBs, and therefore eventually into ‘catching feelings’?

For our part as men, do we always think it’s fine to be used as a ‘sex toy’ by women?

And get a load of this…is a desire to have a deeper, more connected and dare we say a more meaningful relationship as opposed to a string of FWBs born of the same character trait that drives our ambitious nature in the workplace?