The 1% Better Podcast with Rob O’ Donohue interviews Susan Winter on online dating, catfishing, breadcrumbing and ghosting. Susan and Rob discuss the current state of relationships and how to navigate (and conquer) these modern day challenges.

The 1% Better Podcast is focused on advocating a Growth Mindset & Betterness in, at least, 1% Increments. Rob uses every resource available: podcasts, videos, and written material.

His site is filled with dynamic content.

Rob says, “If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to the podcasts. As both the 1% Better podcast & The 864 have the audacious goal of unlocking some potential within you. And, being fully honest, me too! Just click on any of the podcast platforms listed above or below to hear the 1% Better show or The 864!”

During the hour, we talk about everything on relationships from online dating, cultural challenges, and new terms like Bread Crumbing, Catfishing, and of course Ghosting!

Check out the high-level summary of the topics covered below:

  • Always having a passion for communication
  • Beginning by interpreting others and then finding her own voice
  • Author of Older Women and Younger Men
  • Always looking to learn and move forward
  • How to honor the process of curiosity – these will take us to new and fertile terrorist
  • Adding new skills to the current expertise pool
  • Look to expand the career rather than abandoning it
  • Online dating is discussed with topics like ‘Catfishing’, ‘Ghosting’ & ‘Breadcrumbing’
  • The Getting to Partnership Cycle has changed
  • Dismantling the traditional archetype of relationships
  • The psychology behind ‘Catfishing’ – why this is a thing?
  • The ‘When Harry Met Sally’ situation
  • Purpose & Goals of Relationships
  • What was never needed in the past are vitally needed today?
  • Clarity in the relationship and impacting on romance
  • The Honeymoon Phase and the Glow of Perfection
  • The importance of understanding oneself
  • Working with Clients from different cultures, eg – Arab countries
  • Cultural & Religious expectations with clients
  • The main reasons relationships fail – expectation setting?
  • Fate v Determinism are key
  • The role of Intuition
  • The importance of Timing
  • How does Susan check in and self-manage?
    • Meditation
    • Goal Setting
  • Following her own advice & self-coach
  • Women as Combination locks!
  • Valentines & ‘Galentines’ Day!
  • Relationship structures & a la carte relationships
  • Authenticity and relationships
  • Most Important Lessons learned recently?
  • At the end of the day, you’re going to be ok!
  • Age and Wisdom!

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