I created The Best Worst Date Contest to offer the winner a chance for a re-do of a good date that went terribly wrong. I’ll be working one-on-one with the winner. But you’ll choose the winner for me!

Huge thanks to all of our participants who submitted their videos. It wasn’t an easy task to narrow it down to 3 finalists. Here they are, and here’s their story. After watching the video, click here to vote: https://forms.gle/U6kQRFHtTbSNKFqz7

Recap of our 3 Best Worst Date finalists:

  1. Troy: Seeking help in ‘overcoming embarrassment.’ He’s invested and involved from day one. That’s terrific, but it can also increase stress. His date wanted to go to the skating rink (he can’t skate). In an attempt to make a good impression, he tried and fell, splitting his pants from crotch to hind end. Now he wants another chance to be a bit more relaxed and in an environment that lets him shine.
  1. Ralph: Seeking help on why he keeps attracting ‘bizarre situations.’ Ralph has all good intentions on his first date, but something always seems to go terribly wrong. Ralph found himself on a date in a cramped restaurant with a table of unruly men who disrupted the night with a full on WWE-style fight. Ralph wants to stop attracting drama on his first dates.
  1. Keith: Seeking help on ‘adjusting to normality.’ He’s had a couple of ‘unusual’ dates. One lady wrapped her leg around her neck at an Olive Garden (to highlight her flexibility), another date ate his food while he was in the restroom, and the third was a ‘furry.’ Now he’s met a lady he likes… and wants to re-attune himself to ‘normal.’

Vote for your choice of winner, here: