The 5 Languages of Love – How to Better Communicate With Your Partner and Avoid Issues that Could Sabotage Your Relationship

Tired of arguments that don’t get solved? Wishing your partner was more demonstrative? These are major issues— until you know the 5 love languages. My interview with Head Over Heels clears away the confusion and makes room for love’s return. #5lovelanguages #podcast

In today’s show, co-hosts, Nina, and Roger interview relationship expert, Susan Winter. Susan is also the bestselling author of Older Women, Younger Men. Back in the 1990s, Susan fell in love with a man who was twenty years younger than her. What surprised Susan was the intense backlash that she had to deal with. While our stereotypical society is quite accepting of an older man dating a younger woman, a relationship between an older woman and a younger man raises many an eyebrow. This experience of hers inspired Susan to write her book, Older Women, Younger Men in the late 1990s. Susan also goes on to discuss the Five Languages of Love and reveals how a failure to properly communicate with your partner can cause you to sabotage a relationship. As well as a conversation about Nina’s Birthday PMS, and how Roger & Nina can handle their conflict resolution.

Are you prone to losing your patience and snapping at your partner? Do you feel that your partner does not notice all the effort that you are putting in? Is this “lack of gratitude and expression” the cause of bitterness and rift in your relationship? If this sounds like something that you are continuously grappling with, listening to this segment of the show will particularly help you out.

For these and many more relationship nuggets, tune in to our latest show now! What You Will Learn In This Show: Conflict Resolution. How to properly communicate with and understand your partner. Why is the younger generation looking to eradicate emotions from a relationship? And so much more…

When you fall in love with someone…Do you want it to last forever? Do you want a best friend? Do you envy those #couplegoals?

Although they are not doctors and/or therapists, co-hosts; Roger Guertin and Nina Kako have had many ups and downs in their relationship. They believe you can still have it all if you willingly and consistently learn about your partner.

Join them on this audio adventure as they dive into the topic of what it takes to be “head over heels” with your partner. You will be educated and entertained by their quirky solos as well as interview others with knowledge experts to help you live the best life that you deserve.