Want to know the key to building and maintaining healthy relationships? My dynamic interview with ABC TV legend Ernie Anastos covers modern dating challenges, creating healthy relationships, social media’s impact on self-worth, and why humane comportment is so essential to a healthy society. 


On this episode of ‘Positively Ernie,’ we cover the importance of authenticity, integrity, and emotional connection in both our personal and business relationships. Our interpersonal relationships create the dynamic for how we perceive our well-being in life. Independent of money and success, having healthy interactions with those around us, whether romantic or work, are the key to personal satisfaction and meaningful support systems.

Especially difficult nowadays is the formation of healthy, romantic relationships. Modern dating, especially for Millennials and Gen Z, can feel like a confusing mashup of situation ships, mixed messages, red flags, and conflicting romantic goals. How can one remain open to the possibility of Love in a time period of cavalier entanglements and minimal communication? Ernie and I discuss how it is possible to be open and loving while also resilient and smart.

How can we incorporate the core values that have sustained long-term partnerships in the past and retrofit them to our individual disposition and desires, in an evolved and modern vision for a partnership? There are no wrong answers, as long as two people are in agreement as to their end goal and how they treat each other in the process.

One of my great delights in working with extraordinarily fine human beings, such as Ernie, is that we can come together and hopefully be a stereo for the viewer and listener in a manner that will foster a respectful understanding of those around us, with a mutual acknowledgment of our individual rights and human obligations.

This episode ends with the hope that one day children will be taught in school the fundamentals of mutual human respect and thoughtful behavior that considers the feelings of those around us (while honoring our own feelings and needs as well.)

Attributions: WABC radio and ABC

podcast: Episode 47: Susan Winter – The KEY To Building and Maintaining Healthy RELATIONSHIPS

Video:  The KEY to Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships