By Sofia Stewart— Editor

Are you tired of being alone? Here are 10 ways to enjoy being single in this post by  Sofia Stewart of Your Tango. Sofia writes,

“Being single has a lot more benefits than we give it credit it for.”

She continues, “Depending on whether or not you’ve been in a relationship, being single can be a positive or negative situation. If you’ve been in relationships, then it’s easy to feel more lonely — especially after you’re used to someone being by your side. If you’ve been single for a while, then you’re more comfortable living life for yourself.”

Rather than feel sorry for yourself or wallow in a pity party, here are some solid steps you can take.  Sofia suggests:

1. “You get a chance to focus on yourself.”

Being in partnership is great, when it’s great. But what about when it’s not? Here’s my thoughts on that—

“Believe it or not, relationships are ‘mentally expensive,” Susan Winter. With the amount of stress in a relationship, come as a price for love. Being single activates a self-awareness of taking time to treat ourselves.

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