Even if you’re not in the happiest of relationships or have realized that the person you’re with isn’t your forever mate, it’s understandable that a part of you might want to cling to the good stuff right now. When we’re faced with uncertainty anxiety about nearly everything else in the world, having someone close to hold onto may be the only thing you can…well, hold on to. But if a relationship is serving you additional duress during this time and the reasons to break up with someone are mounting, you may actually find yourself happier being single.

But how do you know the lack of joy in your partnership isn’t just a by-product of the COVID-19 blues, and that you genuinely would feel lighter without a love interest? Below, find five reasons to break up with someone in order to boost your own happiness.

Check out 5 reasons to break up with someone for the sake of your happiness, according to pros.

1. You have cyclical arguments

You both feel past the point of compromise and effective problem-solving, as evidenced by you having the same argument repeatedly. In this case, it’s particularly important to recognize if these are arguments that started before the lockdown, though. Because if the issues started before the world began crumbling, there’s less evidence that you can blame external stressors for dismantling the otherwise healthy status of your partnership—and it may be time to accept the inevitable.

“No matter what you do and how you try to rectify issues that arise with your partner, there is no peaceful solution,” says relationship expert Susan Winter. “The two of you keep coming back to the same arguments, without conflict resolution. This process is exhausting and disallows any partnership growth.”

2. The thought of freedom is exhilarating

It’s not just that you feel trapped with your partner—although if you’re quarantining together, you might actually be trapped with your partner. Rather, it’s that you’ve started daydreaming about what your life might be like without being weighed down by their baggage and BS. You watch shows about people out living single, freewheeling lives, and you envy them. And not because they get to drink and play pool with strangers, and not even because they can have the kind of thrilling sex that knocks over bookshelves. Instead, it’s because the only person they have to deal with is themselves.

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