A Relationship Expert Explains the 5 Love Languages | ABC’s The List Show TV

By: Jacqui Denker | Kristina Guerrero 

Relationship expert Susan Winter explains the 5 love languages for The List Show TV and shows how they can help build more harmonious relationships.

Do you wish your partner showed you how much they care? Maybe they are—but in their own ‘language.’ My interview with @TheListShowTV breaks down the 5 unique languages, explains how to recognize the love you’re being given, and how to receive it back in your own ‘love language.’#5lovelanguages #datingadvice #relationshipadvice

 It’s always thrilling to be […]

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A Relationship Expert’s Tips to Navigate Post-Election Tension | ABC TV’s ‘The List’

By Jacqui Denker and Kristina Guerrero

Are you experiencing post-election tension? What’s the best way to handle political differences with your boss? What about colleagues and neighbors? My interview with The List TV Show details the best strategy for reducing post-election tension.

Tact and diplomacy are essential when dealing with the person who cuts your check. So is having a good working relationship with your colleagues, and one that’s hostility free. Additionally, you don’t want to create unnecessary friction with your neighbors.

Inner and outer circles have been […]

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3 New Dating Terms Inspired by the Pandemic | ABC TV The List

By: Producers Rossi Ramirez | Heidi Foglesong

Do you know the 3 newest dating terms that arisen during the Pandemic?  For example; Have you been ‘zumped?’ Or, ‘Are you in a ‘turbo relationship?’ Watch my feature interview with The List Show TV for the latest dating terms inspired by the Pandemic: #zumping #turborelationship #TheListTVShow


It’s always thrilling to be on camera. For me, it’s one fo the things I like the best about my line of work. Not only do I get to meet new producers […]

Is Dating a Numbers Game? | Say Allo interview


Anchor/Producer of Say Allo interviews Susan: Wondering how to effectively navigate your way through the dating world? My video interview with @selineshenoy at @JustSayAllo offers best practices for finding love: #onlinedating #videodatingapps #JustSayAllo

Check out their YouTube channel for great tips and advice on all things love and romance: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQt_jIUZsRA7vQtA0PDsycw/playlists

Say Allo is an awesome video dating app that deserves your attention. Here’s the link: https://www.justsayallo.com

Swipe Smarter
Make an informed decision. Know who’s interested before you […]

Can you find love during the coronavirus? | InStyle interview excerpt

CREDITS AND ATTRIBUTIONS: Videographer- Luiz Schiel  Journalist: Allison Taylor

Love in the time of coronavirus? We can’t meet in IRL to go on a date or chat over a drink. Worse yet, many of us haven’t been out of our pajamas for weeks and the solitude is taking its toll on our dating mojo. How do we best address our loneliness? The following in an excerpt from my interview with InStyle magazine. Here’s a video clip by director/videographer Luiz Schiel:


Journalist Allison Taylor asked me the reasons behind […]

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