CW33 TV: Women with hot husbands driven to be thin…

CW33 TV ‘Eye Opener’ (Tribune Broadcasting) interviews Susan Winter on research showing women with hot husbands are driven to be thin. Recent studies indicate a trend toward crash dieting and lowered self esteem.

Susan speaks with Laila Muhammad about the pros and cons of the Florida State University Research that’s been widely covered in the press. This study shows that women with ‘hot husbands’ (men they feel are attractive , and more attractive than they are), are more motivated to diet more than those ladies with unattractive mates.

In some cases crash dieting and diminished confidence have resulted. Susan offers her perspective on keeping the power balance in-check and healthy.

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“Women and men are different — and it’s not a pretty picture.

A new study reveals that women who are less attractive than their husbands obsess about their looks and diet — and work harder to be thin. But women who are more attractive than their husbands didn’t have that added drive to win the battle of the bulge.

And, Florida State University revealed, men don’t change their behavior based on the appearance of their wives.

“The study looked at the question ‘What’s the relationship between my attractiveness and my partner’s attractiveness?’ — and how gender affects that,” study co-author Tania Reynolds, a doctoral student, told the Daily News.”

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