The Morning Dose with anchors Laila Muhammad and Melissa Rycroft

Morning Dose/CW33 TV asks relationship expert Susan Winter if we’re expecting too much from our romantic partner.

Are we expecting too much from our romantic partners? At least one psychology expert says we might be.

A psychology professor from University of Chicago says in past centuries the primary function of marriage was for food, shelter, and protection from violence. It later evolved around love and companionship, which is what we would like to think about marriage today.

But according to this one expert, marriages today are oriented toward self-discovery, self-esteem, and personal growth meaning we expect our partner to help us grow to become a “better version of ourselves.”

“When we’re looking for a mate we need a couple factors in place and to ask them to go beyond that,” relationship expert Susan Winter says. “That will ruin our relationship make it unworthy so as long as our values and goals are together and our partner loves us and cares for us as long as those are in alignment you’ve got a great relationship. “

So, what do you think? Is this true? Do we really expect too much from our partners?