Love in 2021 | New York and Beyond

New York and Beyond host Christina Kremidas profiles the lives of notable New Yorkers. This episode covers all things love and romance with relationship expert Susan Winter. #lovein2021 #AllowingMagnificence #NYCrelationshipexpert

Christina Kremidas is a real estate agent based in NYC with a growing Instagram account (@downtownnative), YouTube Channel and Podcast where she shares real estate and lifestyle content with a New York City focus. She has two podcasts: “Real Estate Investing in New York” and a new podcast I […]

Growing Bolder’s What’s Next: Relationship Expert Susan Winter | PBS TV

As we evolve, we come to know who we are and what we want in life. How does that impact finding (and keeping) love? My PBS TV interview with host Bill Shafer from Growing Bolder explores best practices.  #NPR #NPROne #PB


On this episode, it’s Growing Bolder In Love! In honor of the month of February we have tips on seeking love, rekindling passion and navigating relationships. Find out how the pandemic has changed the rules. Learn strategies and steps to help you find the […]

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‘Say What Needs to Be Said’ | Interactive Communication Workshop Feb 25th, 5pm Eastern

Join me on February 25th for my interactive communication workshop to learn the skills of saying what needs to be said. Hosted by WINSummit (Women In Negotiation), I’ll be giving an hour long live video presentation to address your questions and concerns in romantic communication.

Effective communication is absolutely essential for creating and maintaining a healthy partnership. Far too often couples have poor communication skills which result in misunderstandings and erroneous assumptions. Unnecessary arguments ensue, feelings are hurt, and the issues that need correction remain unresolved.

This interactive workshop […]

10 Famous Female Celebs With Younger Husbands And Their Age Gap | Universal News interview

By Sindhu Shivdas

Female Celebs With Younger Husbands And Their Age Gap— Older women and the younger husbands who love them aren’t just a ‘fad.’ My interview with Universal News explains why many successful women are drawn to partnership with a younger mate. #olderwomen #youngermen #agegaplove

Sindhu Shivdas writes, “Is age just a number even when the woman in a relationship is older? Here we have compiled a list of famous celebs who are in relation with younger husbands.”  

She continues, “We often hear about older men dating women […]

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus | 702 FM CapeTalk Radio PriMedia

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Check out my radio interview with Aubrey Masango of South Africa‘s CapeTalk 702 as we dive into the differences between men’s and women’s expression of love.

This conversation and topic dates back to the famous book of the same title written by John Gray in the 1990’s. It was one of those rare books that “even men” read, which was quite novel in terms of social acceptance. Aubrey and I break down the differences in how men […]

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